Boys To Men Lock In

“Life requires that we be
strong in character”

Former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young

The “Boys-To-Men Overnight Lock-Ins” serve as a brief — but positive and dynamic encounter that literally lasts all night long.

Operation Correct Start can implement your “Lock-In” event for as little as one day or as long as a full weekend of activity for youth.

The video (left) illustrates one such event that was staged at the Atlanta YMCA in Southwest Atlanta, where scores of young men gathered to hear the positive message from one famous rapper and Former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young.   The event drew massive local news coverage.  

The program consisted of a full program of activity that lasted all night long.  The mission is for young men and boys to get the message that will help teach them how to become men.  Many of the events have involved youngsters who have been in trouble and who desperately need positive role models just to give them some advice.

YouTube Video

This program serves boys between the ages of 10 to 19.

The programs are both fun and engaging as well as very intensive and therapeutic. 

And our experience has shown that once young men participate in our Overnight Lock-In, they emerge with a noticeable change in their outlook on life.

Left:  Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Edwin Moses, U.S. Congressman John Lewis, and Officer Bruce Griggs (Seated) were honored at the “Boys-To-Men Lock-in” in Southwest Atlanta, Georgia. 1996

Right:  Officer Reginald Ball facilitates the Boys-to-men lock-in at the Boys and Girls Club in Metro Atlanta.

Below:  Fox 5’s Mark Hayes, Bruce Griggs, Michael Vick, and Atlanta Chief of Police Richard Pennington facilitate the Boys-to-men lock-in.