Mission, History and Accomplishments

MISSION:  The mission of Operation Correct Start, Inc., is to provide support to homeless, disadvantaged and at-risk youth that helps them grow beyond the cycle of hopelessness, violence and poverty that surrounds them.  OCS Founder and Executive Director, Officer Bruce W. Griggs, (Ret.), has earned a reputation as one of the most effective and committed violence prevention professionals in the State of Georgia.   His work with youth in alternatives schools, youth detention centers and in the Bowen Homes Housing Project earned him the 2005 Atlanta Falcon’s Youth Foundation Community Quarterback Award, as well as awards from local churches and media, the City of Atlanta, Office Depot, United Way, McDonald’s Corporation, Goody’s Headache Powder and the frank Ski Kids Foundation.   For the OCS, Inc. youth and their families, he offers support for a new life through his unrelenting belief that with education, personal integrity, and hard work each child can realize his or her dreams!

OCS, Inc. believes that violence is a disease that has been transmitted throughout the youth population.  We can no longer continue to classify senseless acts of violence among our youth as a condition, situation, or trend.  If we do, this illness (violence) will continue to spread and wage its war on all people.  The OCS, Inc. programs are designed to give young people and their families the skills and awareness required to heal themselves and their communities of this disease.

OCS HEADQUARTERS  was originally located in the Bowen Homes Housing Projects.  This is a community where its children and their families are residents of the Atlanta Empowerment Zone, one of the most economically challenged communities in the United States.  Over 47% of the residents do not own their own home; 275 do not own an automobile; 16% of the homes in the community are vacant, fertile grounds for drug dealers, crack houses, youth prostitution and other crimes.  Over 90% of the 900 children in OCS’s site (Bowen Homes) live with their grandmother or an unmarried mother, rendering the family even more vulnerable to violence and other crime.  Today OCS has acquired 40 acres near West Point Lake for development as a Youth Ranch, which will provide a true “Safe Haven” for its program participants.

AREAS OF SERVICE: OCS has served over 3500 youth to date, providing assistance with problems of:

  • Homelessness
  • Physical, sexual, emotional and psychological abuse
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Dropping out of school
  • Attempted suicide
  • Teen Pregnancy
  • History of violent and/or delinquent behavior
  • Serving time in youth detention facility
  • Family economic hardships

THE OCS, Inc. “BLOCKING OUT YOUTH VIOLENCE” CAMPAIGN is a year round, professionally led Violence Prevention Initiative serving “at risk” youth throughout Georgia.  It includes Lock-ins, After School Mentoring, the Boys To Men Summer Camp, In-School Violence Prevention Workshops and Special Intervention Programs in the churches, schools, community and in Youth Detention Centers.


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Bruce W. Griggs, Founder & Director

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OCS Youth Ranch,
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WEBSITE:  www.brucewgriggs.comemail: operationcorrectstart@yahoo.com

OCS Chair Greg Street, Atlanta Falcon Star Michael Vick and Big Boi of OutKast visit OCS Youth