Program Highlights

Operation Correct Start is one of the most effective violence prevention programs in Georgia. 

Bruce Gr
iggs, Its founder has earned a reputation as one of the most committed youth professionals in the nation. 

For our youth and their families, we offer support for a new life through our belief that, violence is a disease that has been transmitted throughout the population and we can no longer continue to classify senseless acts of violence among our youth as a condition situation or trend, for if we do, this ill (violence) will continue to spread and wage its war on our people.

The OCS’s violence prevention / anger management program includes weekly individual and group meetings, mentoring, and parent education workshops.  Youth are required receive academic assistance if they are working below grade level or home failing grades.  In some instances academic assessments are administered to design an appropriate, individual plan.  Some youth who achieve at or above grade level, serve as peer educators and assist through mentoring other students.  This method develops comaraderie among the youth, leadership skills and teaches what we live by “the more you know the more you owe.”

OCS also serves as an advocate for our students in their schools by meeting teachers and counselors.  We track and follow the students behavioral performance each year through weekly reports or scheduled progress reports for the school.

Greg Street – Street Academy, Atlanta, Georgia

William Griggs – Street Academy, LaGrange, Georgia

Joe Louis Street Academy, Chambers County, Alabama

Boys To Men Summer Camp

Sisters Of Tomorrow Summer Camp

Boys To Men Lock-In

Sisters Of Tomorrow Lock-In